Double jacket gaskets

These gaskets are generally used as heat exchangers or flange gaskets, especially with high pressure and temperature. We define them according to the conditons of use.



Definition :



These gaskets are built with graphite, fibers or PTFE core coated with metal such as copper, soft steel, nickel copper, stainless steel (304L, 316L, 321…)…. The metallic clad of double jacket gaskets is intended to strengthen and to protect the soft material core against mechanical and chemical aggression.


On request, a graphite layer can be applied on both sides of the double jacket gaskets to improve the sealability.


We can also manufacture these gaskets with bar(s) of any shape you need.


We produce DJ gaskets according to NF EN 1514-4 and NF EN 12560-4 standards (former NF E 29-900-6).

Dimensional characteristics and manufactured shapes :


We adapt our processes to the dimensions, shapes, types and materials required :


Diameters : up to 2500 mm (send request if bigger dimensions)


Thickness : Generally 3 mm, for special applications, we can manufacture gaskets with a thickness of 20mm.


Types and shapes :


Circular                             With or without bar(s
Rectangular                      With holes for bolt passing
Elliptical                            Other types

Conditions of use  :


Since 1930, Joints Fournel et Garnier has gained a solid experience in static sealing. With the information of the bolts (number, size, class) and operating limits (temperature, pressure, fluid), we can determine the best type of gasket for your application and give you the necessary tightening torque to seal your system.


We have a technical sheet which presents general use, the operating limits and the materials used. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to have more information.