Maufacturing of metallic gaskets and parts 

by cutting and stamping

JFG is increasingly present on the aerospace market. We manufacture parts used on: ball bearings, landing gears, ventilation systems, ball and socket joints, hydraulic and motor sealings…



JFG manufactures metallic parts, technical washers, nut retainers, stamping parts… and gaskets by cutting and stamping.


We also produce aerospace standard parts : for example, washers according to standard L 23111 and lock washers according to NF E22307.


We are able to manage the full manufacturing process according to costumer drawing..

Materials used : 



We work with most materials used in aerospace :


  • Steel (DC01, DC04, XC75…)
  • Stainless steel (304, 316L, 321…)
  • Aluminum (1050A, 2017, 5086…)
  • All alloys (Brass, beryllium copper, nickel silver…)
  • Titanium
  • PTFE

Subcontracting management and control :


We take care of all the production process of your parts. The management of surface and heat treatments is made by qualified companies of your or our choice.


Surface treatment (passivation, cadmium plating, anodizing…)
Heat treatment


We can supply different quality documents to control your parts (FAI, Material certification, control dimensions report, treatment declaration…).




Our advantages :


We support you at every step of your project : Collaboration to adapt our process to your project, manufacturing of prototypes, design and manufacturing of the tooling, production and control of your parts.


On our machines, we can produce small, medium and large batches.  If tools exist and if they can’t be adapted to our machines, we can take them to produce your parts.