Shims and washers

JFG is manufacturer of shims and washers in small, medium and large batches.


Shims and washers are used to offset some mechanical discrepancies or to distribute the effort of tightening a screw on an element. They are used by the automotive OEM and also on trucks, farm machinery, building machines, industry…

Different materials and thicknesses :



Most of the time, these parts are manufactured in steel (soft or tempered), stainless steel, brass…


It’s possible to add heat treatment to increase the hardness.


We can also realize surface treatment on your parts (zinc plated, nickel plating, passivation, tin plating…).


We cut fine thicknesses from 0.01mm to 8mm by different processes : electro erosion, laser, press…


The tolerances of sheets or coils are given by metal manufacturers.

Dimensions and shapes :



We can manufacture all dimensions between 5mm and 600 mm. Your shims and washers can be circular or have other shapes :


  • Holes for bolt passing
  • U shape
  • Marking