Spiral wound gaskets

The spiral wound gaskets are flange gaskets for petrochemical, chemistry, nuclear and agrifood. They can have various configurations.


Definition :


The spiral wound gaskets are made with a spiral wound metallic strip generally in stainless steel (304, 316L, 321, inconel, monel…) with soft material like graphite, PTFE or mica. The rings help to limit load and creep relaxation. Furthermore, outer ring helps to place correctly the gasket on the flange. Inner ring is in contact with the fluid and protects the gasket.

Inner ring is mainly built with the same material than the metallic strip. Outer ring can be built with the same material than the metallic strip or soft steel as it is not in contact with the fluid.


The bars for spiral wound gaskets are double jacket bars. They can have all shapes. It’s possible to weld a bar on the inner ring or on the spirals.


Except other statement, the spiral wound gaskets are produced according to NF EN 1514-2, NF EN 12560-2 and ASME B16.20. We can also manufacture them following your dimensions and drawings.

Dimensional characteristics and manufactured shapes :



Diameters : from 20 to 1500 mm (Send request if bigger dimensions)


Thickness : 2.5 – 3.2 – 4.5 – 6.5mm.


Types or shapes :



Circular                    with or witout ring(s)
Rectangular            with or without bar(s)

Conditions of use  :


Since 1930, Joints Fournel et Garnier has gained a solid experience in static sealing. With the information of the bolts (number, size, class) and your operating limits (temperature, pressure, fluid), we can determine the best type of gasket for your application and give you the necessary tightening torque to seal your system.


We have technical sheet which resume their general use, the operating limits and the materials worked. Don’t hesitate to ask and to contact our sales department to have more information.