Oil service range

Double jacket gaskets in copper / fiber are often used in automotive area. These gaskets are used for : Oil plug, air system sealing..



Definition :


These gaskets are made with a fiber core (organic, mineral or ceramic) coated with metal, most of the time copper.


They are produced on automatic presses or in several operations depending on your batches.


These gaskets need a medium stress to ensure no leakage in your different systems.


These gaskets are produced according to customer requirements. We also produce gaskets according to DIN 7603 and NFR 93 920 standards.

Dimensional characteristics :



In this area, Double jacket gaskets in copper and fiber generally have small diameters. We can also propose other dimensions if your application or projet requires.



Diameters : between 8 to 30mm (for classic dimensions)


Thickness : Generally 2mm


Shape : O shape

Conditions of use :


We have a technical sheet which presents general use, the operating limits and the materials used. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to have more information.