Metallic gaskets

Joints Fournel et Garnier manufactures metallic gaskets in large batches for automotive OEM.


We deliver a wide range of washers in large batches to automotive OEM. Our products are parts of engines, high pressure diesel fuel pumps, braking systems, spark plugs, turbochargers, gear boxes…

On our production site, which is qualified TS 16949, we produce metallic gaskets in large batches by automatic presses and efficient toolings.

Definition :



These gaskets need quite a high stress to ensure no leakage. These gaskets are produced following your requirements : dimensions, treatments, hardness, cleaning… They can be in different shapes :


  • Flat washers
  • Rounded shape with broken sharp edges
  • Full metal with die-forged shapes



We also produce gaskets according to DIN 7603 and NFR 93 920 standards.


Different materials used :



Most of our metallic gaskets are produced in aluminum or copper, but they can also be :


  • Soft steel
  • Pure iron (ARMCO)
  • Stainless steel (304L, 316L…)
  • Bronze
  • Brass

Treatment operation and control :



JFG can manage the heat treatment and/or the surface treatment as well as the cleanliness. We propose a complete service with prototype if required and tooling manufacturing.


According to your PPM number, your specifications and gasket dimensions, we have different control systems to answer your requirements : sorting by bowl, sorting by camera, visual…


We can supply different quality documents to control your parts (PPAP, Material certification, control dimensions report, treatment declaration…).