Inner eyelet on fiber or graphite gaskets

In our workshop, we crimp eyelet on reinforced graphite and on fiber gaskets to protect them from chemicals and high temperatures. These gaskets are generally used as flange gaskets especially when steam is concerned.



Definition :



These gaskets are generally cut in expanded graphite reinforced with  stainless steel core  sheet with spikes or in fiber. We crimp the eyelet on the inner diameter of the gasket. It can be in stainless steel (304L or 316L) or in copper.


We only realize crimping on circular gaskets.


To carry out this manufacturing process, the inner diameter of the gasket should be bigger than the final inner diameter. We will add on our offer the exact inner diameter required.

Dimensional characteristics :



We adapt our processes to the dimensions, shapes, types and materials required :


Inner diameter of gaskets :  20mm to 1500mm (send request if bigger dimensions)


Gasket Thickness : 1.5 to 4mm

Conditions of use  :


Since 1930, Joints Fournel et Garnier has gained a solid experience in static sealing. With the information of the bolts (number, size, class) and operating limits (temperature, pressure, fluid), we can determine the best type of gasket for your application and give you the necessary tightening torque to seal your system.


We have a technical sheet which presents general use, the operating limits and the materials used. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to have more information.