Corrugated gaskets

Corrugated gaskets are used in many fields of application: petrochemical, chemistry, agrifood, metallurgy…  They realize sealing after tightening in several points thanks to their waves.



Definition :



To give the corrugated shapes, we deform metal by press or on special machines. We produce corrugated gaskets in a wide range of materials : Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Pure iron ARMCO, nickel copper, monel, incoloy, nickel…

Corrugated gaskets need lower stress and less accurate roughness than flat metallic gaskets.

On request, a graphite or PTFE layer of generally 0.5 mm can be applied on both sides of corrugated gaskets.


Corrugated gaskets can have holes for passing bolts  and/or fixing straps.
We have the possibility to manufacture these gaskets with corrugated bar(s) according to drawing.


Except for specific orders, corrugated gaskets are produced according to NF EN 1514-4 and NF EN 12560-4 standards (former NF E 29-900-6).

Dimensional characteristics and manufactured shapes :



We adapt our processes to the dimensions, shapes, types and materials required :


Diameters : up to 2500mm (send request if bigger dimensions)


Thickness : 0.6mm to 1.5mm (except coating)


Shapes : Circular, rectangular, elliptical, oblong, with or without bar(s)…

Conditions of use  :


Since 1930, Joints Fournel et Garnier has gained a solid experience in static sealing. With the information of the bolts (number, size, class) and operating limits (temperature, pressure, fluid), we can determine the best type of gasket for your application and give you the necessary tightening torque to seal your system.


We have a technical sheet which presents general use, the operating limits and the materials used. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to have more information.